You’ve probably heard of an ‘army of one’, but what about an ‘Army of Me’?

An army of one is someone who is daring enough to take on a challenge on their own.

It’s about finding the courage to metaphorically try out the new and set fire to your curiosity without needing other’s to accompany you – which is not necessarily the same principle as that of Reyka vodka’s Army of Me cocktail.

Reyka Vodka, armed with some of the purest natural ingredients, hailing from the land of mystery, fire and ice, unveils this interesting cocktail, which is sure to arm you with the most delightful energies, especially useful when you feel you need to take on the world as an army of one.

In many ways, the making of Reyka is magical, where the common elements such as spring water; lava rock and steam are transformed into something extraordinary.

As daring as it sounds, this month’s cocktail uses syrup as its base, and a delicious aromatic liqueur from the stunning Arctic Circle.

In an era where consumers are increasingly interested in “craft” liquor made by hand with care and attention, Icelanders are at the forefront, since they come from a tradition of self-sufficiency and making many things by hand.

Infusing nature and boldness, Reyka’s Army of Me cocktail is a delicious medley of honey syrup, lemon juice, and lemon verbena leaves.

This makes it the perfect cocktail for those natural wanderers who seek to capture and transform into individuals that have no equal.

Reyka vodka’s Army of Me cocktail.



2 parts Reyka Vodka
1/2 part Lillet Blanc
3/4 part Honey Syrup
3/4 part Lemon Juice
5-6 Fresh Lemon Verbena Leaves


Shake and strain into ice-filled rocks glass. Grate fresh cinnamon on top and garnish with a lemon verbena leave.

For Honey Syrup

Combine 1 part clover honey with 1 part water. Heat with honey dissolves into solution.

Bottle and store.

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