Deena Naidoo’s passion for cooking was unveiled in the first season of MasterChef SA.

While self-taught, he was impressive in his technique and resourcefulness in the kitchen.

Five years on, he says: “Life has been a roller-coaster; some ups and downs as most of my time was consumed by functions, events, food demos, awards, shows, presentations interviews and photos.

It was exciting but demanding.

Tandoori Mushrooms (Serves 3)


6 large black mushrooms
½ medium-sized onions chopped
100g ricotta cheese
100g grated Mozzarella
50g chopped mixed nuts
1 t chopped parsley
Salt and black pepper
For the coating batter
1 cup of flour
1 t turmeric powder
½ t paprika
½ t salt
1 t corn flour
½ cup water


Wipe mushrooms, remove stalks and chop finely.

Mix with onion, fry then cool.

Combine this mixture with the cheese, parsley, nuts and spices.

Stuff the mushroom “caps” and refrigerate until ready to prepare. Mix the flour, turmeric powder, paprika, corn flour, salt and water together to form a smooth batter.

Dip mushrooms into the batter and deep fry or, if you have access to a tandoori oven, place in skewers and bake till golden brown. Drain well.

Serve with rocket leaf and cherry tomatoes

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