Blogger, Tabassum Aleem shares her Magnum PopUp store experience:

Being an ice-cream lover one can only imagine the excitement I felt when a family friend of mine told me about the best kept secret in the City of Gold, Johannesburg   – our very own Magnum PopUp store had returned, better known as ‘Make my Magnum’ which was first launched in Sandton. I love the thrill of new experiences and I had sleepless nights anticipating my first bite of melting chocolate and ice-cream on my tongue. I love it when people make me excited about something way before the time but really loathe the waiting part. So to celebrate their 25th anniversary MagnumSA brought the PopUp shop to Cape Town, Why Cape Town though? Well.. the answer is simple:
1. Cape town is the place to be, with its splendid scenery, rich culture and vibrant feel.

2. Chocolate and Ice cream almost always ends in happiness.  

So we headed off to Cavendish Square and I literally walked pass the store. For a Sunday afternoon I assumed that there would be a queue leading out the door however I simply walked in and received immediate assistance from the cashier.


R40 is your golden ticket which unlocks the doors of heaven. You have a variety of assorted toppings to choose from including nuts, fruits, chocolates, biscuits and even chilies, which of course would make an interesting combo.

opted for the Caramel Cashews, Macadamian nuts and to add my special ingredient, I chose Oreos (did someone say YUM!??) dipped in classic Magnum Chocolate and topped with a drizzle of Magnum White chocolate.  

I loved that there were different places in store to take that Royal Magnum selfie or a pretty picture of your masterpiece.”

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