“I care about seeing so much food go to waste, but also people feeling stuck with knowing what to do with ingredients in their kitchen,” Vicky Bhogal says.

“I feel very lucky to have been taught these skills from my family, so I am passionate about empowering others to feel the same. My family learnt these things out of necessity, moving to this country as immigrants meant they didn’t have much money, so they made sure not to waste, and make meals that cost little, but at the same time still provide wholesome, nutritious and delicious meals for the whole family.”


Everyone has endless jars of half-empty spices in the cupboard. This quick and easy snack helps you make friends with them, as you can use whatever spices you have and to your taste, using up those dregs and adding the zest of any citrus fruit you have to hand, or perhaps some pomegranate seeds.



Just fry the spices, before adding any citrus, then add the nuts so they are coated.
Cook until hot and golden.
Share with friends as an aromatic and stylish nibble with gin & tonics or cocktails.


– Daily Mail

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