I waltzed into the Southern Fried Chicken branch in Cape Town with preconceived notions however they were all thwarted when I was humbled by the great service, relaxed ambience and plentiful menu.

I puzzled over the fact that this spanking new, Halaal fast food store that hit Cape Town should probably be quiet, especially since its been open for little over a week; yet it was packed with hungry costumers.

Spotted! The team from @theyoungindy popped in for a visit. Watch this space!

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Kudos to the local franchise owners, Wouter du Toit and Allan Geldenhuys and their crew for such a cool joint.

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What makes the place different from major competitors?

They have an option between fried or grilled chicken, which for health conscious costumers makes a huge difference.

A lot of people nowadays are a lot more focused on what they eat and because of this people avoid take out food since it is not the healthier option.

So for the folks working towards their beach bodies, there are healthy options for you as well.

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The look and feel of the restaurant is very relaxed and inclusive. It was designed by local designers with a funky and rustic look in mind.

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The friendly service is certainly something special to experience, and it may sound a bit cliché but they made us feel at home and made damn sure we didn’t leave before our bellies were near to exploding.

A friendly, warm and kind atmosphere is most definitely what you want to dine to, and boy did they hit the nail on the head.


Our local franchise owners Wouter and Allan being interviewed by a team from @theyoungindy #wingsandwifi

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– Richelle Neethling

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