Furthering your education can be expensive and time consuming especially for people that already have full-time jobs.

But thanks to the internet and its numerous resources there are free courses online that will teach you new skills without leaving you in debt or consuming your whole life.

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Here are some courses we found that will be beneficial to designers, people in marketing or creatives.

HTML and CSS to create websites

Being able to create a website, either to promote yourself or your business is very important in this digital era. According to internet live stats there are over 1.7 billion websites, and that was recorded on in 2016. Being able to use HTML and CSS to create a website will make you a valuable candidate if you are job seeking and is generally a useful skill to have. Codeacademy and Udemy offer beginners courses that are short and of course free.

Photoshop Elements 15 for beginners

Perfect for beginners in Photoshop this course will teach you how to edit images using tools such as Auto Smart Tone, Effects, Textures and Frames and the Quick Selection Tool. You will also learn keyboard shortcuts which will fool people into thinking you are a pro. You can use the skills from this course to upgrade your Instagram pictures or help edit your friends pictures.

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Social Media Marketing

This course will come in handy if you want to grow your own social media accounts or gain customers or clients for the company you own or work for. The course covers all the main social media platforms which means you will gain key skills and a great overview of social media marketing.

Getting Started With Google Analytics

Once you have created your website you will probably want to know how it is performing online. This course will help you master the basics of Google Analytics and understand how to use it to your favour.

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How to Generate Actionable Business Ideas

Starting your own business can be very liberating, especially in a country where finding a job is not easy. This business course will help you come up with ideas that you can turn into successful businesses.