Cape Town – Work work work… truth be told-we all would rather escape work early to enjoy beautiful summer days with great company, being indoors during these days can be a nightmare.

Laziness is a nasty little infection that affects everyone from time to time. The first step in dealing with laziness is to first come to terms with the fact the festive bug has bitten you and you need help.

Once you find a strategy on beating lazy days, your day will move faster than you imagined. When you get home, thank yourself with something cold.

Now, lets start with the mind! Burst the self deception bubble, “I wish I can go home”, because we all know that it doesn’t lead you anywhere, it will only leave you with piles of work and nothing done for the day.

1. Find some motivation

Kick start your morning with a bang! An early morning jog and a healthy breakfast will help boost your mood.

2. Get organized

So many times we want to do something productive but the cluttered files make it seem like it’s a mission impossible, because the junk makes us lazy to even start our work. Break your work into smaller and manageable quantities, in this way it becomes easier to track progress.

3. Go big so that you can go home early

Before you even think of logging onto Tinder or Facebook to stalk your crush, always start with work. It may seem difficult, however instead of starting with the easy things, first focus on the challenging ones whilst you are still energetic before the going get’s tough. Just imagine when you only have 10% remaining energy, then you have to climb through that curve-not cool at all.

4. Set daily goals

Always be hyper aware of the time, this helps you to work to achieve your goal within a certain amount of time. A checklist is essential to help you track the tasks that you have achieved and move forward to complete everything on the checklist.Goals act as a map that directs us through out the day and not having one may lead to working without a plan, resulting to more work and pressure to meet deadlines.

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