It’s the time of year where the festivity spirit is in the air. With presents for the family looming above our heads and December events that cost a heck of a lot; all broke homies will be scrambling for part time jobs.

According to #ZiBigDays style, we have got to maintain this lifestyle and it really is quite impossible due to the broke homie situation.

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Vuka Kleva, it’s high time that you stop the notion of dreaming and you start getting into a habit of “less yadda yadda and more ching ching”.

How do I start living my dreams?

Wait… We’re not Harry Potter and we are not here to throw in some magic spell to make moola happen.

You can make it happen, but it takes hard work and effort.

We show you how…

Starting a job for the first time might be the scariest notion and an outright pain in the…


…as you will be required to report for duty every morning while everyone else is still sleeping through the holidays.

The secret is just to try and love something about your job, even if you don’t wholly enjoy it. Before quitting, always think of the goal – to make money.

Remember to save with your first paycheck. Do use the money to pay for textbooks and registration next year.

Don’t splurge extravagantly.

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Remember that various part time jobs like promotions, waitressing or being a cashier, creates opportunities for you to liaise with possible future employers.

In some instances, the part-time job can help with gaining working experience in the workplace that will be beneficial to include in your CV for future employment.

Today we will be focusing on useful tips you need to know to survive your bloody waitressing job.

4 hacks you need to know to survive your bloddy waitress/waiter job

You live, you take wrong orders, you get shouted and you want to quit your job ASAP? Nah.

The most important thing is to take it as a learning experience and move on.


1. Have fun

A job as a waiter/ waitress gives you an opportunity to role play and (stru bob) there is no day where you will get bored.

Speak in a variety of accents, the happy vibes you exude will infect your customers and this might minimise the chances of conflict between yourself and the people that you are serving.

2. Always take notes

Note taking maximises the risk of taking wrong orders.

Draw the table plan on your note pad in an easy and chronological way that you understand.

It will ensure that you number the order according to the table correctly.

3. Charm the hell out of your customers

Remember a hungry person is a grumpy person. Counter this by always smiling and being able. It doesn’t hurt to compliment your customer.

Tip: Don’t be overtly friendly. You might just face a heavy sexual harassment charge. Also, don’t send false signals or you might end up being klapped by their partner.

4. Fake it until you earn it

If you’re ready to throw a plate at someone’s face, simply act like you’re the happiest waiter in the entire world.

Just breathe in and out for a few minutes and get your groove back.

Remember that, time is very important when you are at work.

You can’t be wasting time feeling sorry for yourself.

A happy, helpful and thoughtful waiter, always gets tips.

So keep that smile and go home with a fat pocket!

What can you learn from being a waiter?

Waitressing is a humble vocation. You’re constantly being shoved with plates of food that you have to balance using all available body space.

Sometimes, you end up taking orders from confused haughty customers, who then blame you for not predicting what they want.

It teaches you an important lesson, that even if you become a CEO of a company you will always learn to respect blue collar laborers, because you know how it felt. You will truly understand what working under pressure means.

Some stress-busting measures to remember when you’re freaking out:

1. Walking away when you are angry before reacting…especially whilst dealing with irate customers

2. Exercise in the morning or walk to work. It increases the production of endorphins which will give your mood an instant boost

3. Rest your mind by turning off multi-media devices completely or at least limit screen time

4. Reach out to friends and family by letting them know you’re having a tough time at work. Simply communicate

5. Make time for enjoyable activities after work

6. Get enough sleep – at least seven to eight hours a night

Did you know?

When adding a tip to the waiter/ waitress serving you and you are paying using your card they only receive it at the end of their month with their paychecks and not instantly.

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