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Marijuana is the most commonly used substance. So common that 21 states allow the possession and use of marijuana for medical purposes.

Besides the fact that the drug’s origin remains a bit murky, how much do you really know about it and its effects?

1. Fabrics & Rope

Marijuana is not only used for smoking, its fibers can be used to make rope and fabric, and it’s so strong that the hemp rope was used to transport giant stone statues.

2. Impairs thinking

Short term use can lead to thinking impairments.

As far as long term use goes, teens have lower IQ’s because of smoking weed and it has been linked to mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.

3. Medical Marijuana

This is when it’s used for medical purposes only. People that have been prescribed to use it receive a card of authorization where they can purchase marijuana from a licensed chemist.

Medical marijuana helps with nausea, easing pain, anxiety and reduces epileptic seizures.

4. Found in boobs

Cannabinoids which gives marijuana its natural kick can be found in breast milk (weird but true).

5. Good for your lungs

People who smoke a few joints a week have a stronger lung capacity and external blowing force than people who don’t smoke marijuana.

It even prevents lung cancer because the THC found that cannabinoids discourage cancer unlike the nicotine in tobacco.

6. Can you overdose?

Now I’m not giving suicide advice, more like a warning: in order to overdose you have to take 1500 pounds in 15 minutes to overdose on marijuana.

7. Best way of consumption

People use a bong, bubbler, hookah…


Others that don’t want the scent all over them, would rather bake it in treats like brownies, cakes, muffins.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that the ‘best’ way smoke marijuana is to use a vaporizer because it reduces the proportion of carbon monoxide and toxins in the smoke.

8. Two main medicinal species

Two main medicinal species include Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. Now the Sativa has more of an effect on the mind and is more exhilarating and the Indica is for the body and provides physical relief and relaxation.

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9. Given to babies

The marijuana liquid extracts were also given to babies in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s to help with teething pains.

10. Male and Female Marijuana

The seeds produce both male and female plants but the medicinal aspect of marijuana is only found in the female plant.

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