Not everything your life orientation teacher taught you is true.

For those who were actually taught sex ed in school, I pity you. Must’ve made for a lot of awkward conversations with your teacher.

If you’ve managed to learn everything you need to know from more comfortable sources, you’re about to learn a bit more.

According to UK-based online sex toy retailer, Lovehoney, women reach their sexual peak much later than men.

Lovehoney performed a survey in the land down under, Australia, consisting of 1418 people. Asking couples when they experienced their sexual peaks and what impact this had on their overall happiness in the bedroom.

The survey’s results showed that 58% of women said their libido was highest between the ages of 18 and 24, while only 42% of men said the same.

Being a part of that 42%, I can’t help but seriously ponder the age at which the other 58% experienced their peak…

Was it 30? 40 maybe? Weird.

Lovehoney co-owner, Richard Longhurst said in an interview with Daily Mail Australia: “These new findings shatter conventional wisdom which says that men tend to peak sexually earlier in their late teens and early 20s, whereas women desire sex more in their early 30s.”

Longhurst added that the results showed “a growing female sexual confidence which has been increasingly evident since the publication of Fifty Shades of Grey five years ago.”

Not this again… Fifty Shades had its run. The books can be described as ‘disturbing’ at best, the first movie sucked, and the second one was even worse. Can we please stop adding fuel to this horrifying hype train?


Anyway, to conclude, I’d like to say that when it comes to mixing science and people, you’ll always end up with different results because people are all different.

This kind of thing will likely never come to a decisive conclusion, because of one small reason:


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