JOHANNESBURG – It’s almost summer time and Lyzabeth Lopez is the “It” girl to follow.

An entrepreneur, award winning personal trainer, nutritionist and writer, Lyzabeth Lopez is the creator of Hourglass Workout which is a workout franchise that has changed the lives of many women since 2008. To complete her profile, she is a fitness model and have featured in numerous fitness magazines. She has received numerous awards for her line of work and was voted “Best Personal Trainer” in Canada.

So, is there anything she can’t do?

Through her fitness programs, not only does she demonstrate good workout methods, she educates women on how to live a complete healthy lifestyle that will give them the ultimate result in the Hourglass fitness training. She gives her followers and clients the true meaning of personal training through her regular workout sessions on social media platforms.

Her fan base has recently shifted from her local Canadian fan base to an international level. She has a top of the line fitness apparel range that has been making a killing. Lopez is a fitness guru and it shows – we all need that little bit of motivation when it gets to the actual workout.

Once you have seen what she can do, I’m sure it will motivate anyone into changing their so-called diet into a healthier alternative.

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