We all are quite aware of the water shortage and all the long boring speeches on how to save water…

But I mean who really does cares about these safety measures? Let’s get real, nobody can shower in two minutes…

So I’ve identified sexy, cute and fun ways to save water:

1. Shower with your person

2. Rubber ducks and laundry

We all took a bath with a rubber duck some time in our lives; well, why don’t we start taking a bath with the laundry?

Yep, it sounds very weird, but try it once, you just might enjoy it…

Look what I won in a arcade machine #rubberducky

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3. Pee lekker

I know we were all raised properly, and were taught not to pee in the shower, but desperate times calls for desperate measures. Now you can proudly say you pee in the shower and save 6 litres of water.

4. Sleep in.

Give Dry Shampoo a try. You will be saving water and gaining more shut eye. I might even do this when there is a flood, lol.

5. Let the dog do the dishes.

This actually prevents lots of family fights and I am sure the dogs don’t mind.

Forced to pose and look cute for the camera for #tongueouttuesday again. Now where’s my treat? #tot

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– Richelle Neethling

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