Whenever people think of the term “break up”, it has all these negative connotations…

Depressed, sad, “life over”

Making it seem as if all you needed in life to be happy was a significant other. WRONG. So utterly wrong.

Many of us often think that breaking up means that it’s “the end of our world”. Think about it.

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We’ve summed up 5 of the most effective and fun ways to make breakups not so horrible as everyone makes it out to be.

1. Go eat.

Eat all the sh*t that your ex never liked but you loved and have all the garlic rolls your heart desires because you ain’t kissing anyone!


2. Then after all that chowing get your heart rate pumping!

There’s nothing more satisfying than feeling good and looking even better.


Bonus: Exercise releases the same happy endorphin in the brain as sex would.

So you will be experiencing that after glow minus the actual sex.

Which is fine I guess if you’re not into rebound intercourse; just go workout!

3. To go with that killer workout make a fire playlist!


Everyone thinks that a typical breakup playlist consists of emotional songs to make you ball your eyes out or absolutely hardcore jams that makes you hate your ex…even if you necessarily don’t.

Listen to some stellar R&B and hip-hop instead and you’re guaranteed to be feeling like the inner G you are instead of feeling depressed over your latest loss.

4. Call up your friends and just have a good time…

Whether you’re going out or just getting drunk at home; seeing your besties will always lighten up your mood no matter what.


5. Get the makeover you always wanted…

Whether you’re changing your hair colour, shaving your head, growing out your beard; whatever your ex hated/didn’t want you to do, you can now officially do!


Breaking up doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.

Have fun, do You and just embrace the freedom!

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