We all have an odd friend or two and hey; you might even be the odd friend yourself.

But, there are some friendships and relationships out there that are utterly disturbing and you probably didn’t know about them…

Others are just downright outrageous; like this guy for example…

1. Chito and his crocodile bestie

In 1989 a man called “Chito” rescued a dying crocodile in Costa Rica; when he tried to release it back into the wild, the crocodile didn’t want to leave his mate’s side. They spent 20 years together swimming and uhm…playing?

I’m not entirely sure what you do with a pet crocodile but I sure wouldn’t want to frolic in the water with one.

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2. An elephant and a dog

Kind of strange but kind of sweet I guess? Bella, the dog and Bubbles, the elephant are always around each other and you can see Bella constantly using Bubbles as a diving board (in my eyes).

Not really disturbing but cute nonetheless and that’s why I had to include them…

3. Parents of two victims of unsolved crimes hook up

John Ramsey and Beth Holloway Twitty; hooked up.

Weirdest part? They’re both parents of famous unsolved murders…

Jonbenet was killed in 1996, and Natalee Holloway murdered in 2005. Kind of creepy in a way, I would say.

4. The Kardashian Gang

The Kardashian bunch always finds a way to be part of a good story…Especially one to do with relationships.

Here’s how it goes: Kylie ends up dating Tyga who happens to be the ex and baby daddy of Kim K’s friend, Blac Chyna. But wait there’s more…

Chyna ends up being in a relationship with Kylie and Kim’s brother Rob and they end up having a kid together. Uhm wtf?

Still bothers me to this day.

5. The woman who married the Eiffel Tower

She liked it so much she just had to marry it…

6. Two friends who share a little too much

Maria Butzki couldn’t choose between her husband and new lover; she decided it was too much effort to choose between the men and moved the lover into their family home.

Paul (her husband) and her lover, Peter Gruman struck up an unlikely bond and ended up being the closest of friends…who happened to be sleeping with the same woman.

Win win situation for both parties, I’m assuming.

7. Blood is thicker than…love?

Aro Draven and Lia Benninghoff are a twosome who just can’t get enough of one another…

What makes their relationship even more “special” is that every week…they drink each other’s blood.

And what could bond you more than sipping on one another’s bodily fluids!

There you have it folks, some of the wackiest relationships we’ve come across.

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