When your pockets can’t jingle along to the beat, these nifty and affordable gift ideas are just what you need to ensure a merry Christmas. Don’t let this festive period morph into a stressful experience for you.


Here are 9 cool and affordable gift ideas to inspire your Xmas creativity:

1. DIY Jam

Most people no longer have time to make their own jam. You can steal someone’s heart by taking time to make your own jam using fruits like strawberries, figs and peaches.

2. Knit

Knit a beautiful scarf or hat with their name, so that the recipients know that its a personalised gift. Knitting isn’t all that hard and its a new skill to acquire.

3. Create a photo album

Creating a photo album is fun and its a great way to immortalise memories. All you need is a couple of old magazines/ newspapers, boxes and photos.

4. Present a memory in a frame

Ask those you plan to give the gift to, what the most memorable moment of their life was. Figure out a way to represent this memory in a frame. For example it could be a picture of an event, a place they visited or their motto.

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5. An events calendar

Create an events calendar for 2018. Research all the events that you would like to go to with the person and book that day in advance. This is a great way to spend time with your loved ones.

Planning events early is a great way for both parties to start budgeting for the event and of course, scheduling appropriately.

6. Pamper them for the entire day

These days people hardly find time to relax. Therefore, it is a great idea for you to book a day off and spend it with someone. The idea is to make sure that they don’t do anything for the whole day. You should wake them up with breakfast in bed, run them a bath, give them a massage and cook for them.

7. Give them an amazing massage

Massages don’t cost a thing. All you need is your time, their time and your hands.

Tip: Apply some lavender oil as its known to have relaxing properties.

8. Memories in a jar

Write down all the memories you share with a loved one and make them into little notes. The idea is to give a person the memories that you both shared, tell them something that they didn’t know about you and tell them something that you like most about them. All you need is a jar, coloured paper and a pen.

9. Create a recipe book

Create your own recipe book that consists of all the meals that you have shared or would like to share with a person.

Also include pictures of the various meals, with a recipe below to follow.

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