Fashion designer, Thandie Chefa (26) shares her favourite sundowner recipe – the Pink Lady Cocktail.

This cocktail was a favourite of the high society ladies from the 30s through to the 50s.

Chefa recommends the classy cocktail because its sweet, pink and easy to make.

The Pink Lady Cocktail:


Crushed ice
Absolut Vodka- Raspberry flavour
Pink lemonade
Sir Fruit’s pink lemonade


Place ice and fruit (raspberry or strawberry) in blender and crush.
Add lemonade and vodka
Blend till smooth
Use an ice cream scoop to scoop vodka into glass
Garnish with mint and serve

Tip: For a touch of fancy, add a different kind of fruit or a quirky straw or perhaps some crème?

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[Chefa is also a language consultant and is based in Cape Town.]

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