(Almost) in the immortal words of 2 Chainz: “We’re different.”

When it comes to couples, as with anything else, there are different types, sections and subsections. Our focus today: the geek couple.

Being in a relationship with a girl who loves things like gaming, Star Wars, and anime, I can freely do things like: curse in Japanese without being judged or getting a weird look; say “May the Force be with you” instead of “good luck”; and be understood when making obscure references.

Of course, having no interest in girls who refer to katana as “samurai swords,” I have no idea what it’s like for couples who unknowingly suffer under the oppression of normality.

What I can tell you, is a few things about what it’s like to be in a relationship with someone who’s in tune with the weirder, more techno side of life, as I am.

Let’s begin with my favourite romantic pastime…

Doing nothing/being antisocial

For me, this is a super important part of any relationship. If you can’t sit around and just talk to each other or sit around in silence, consider your relationship the Titanic. It’s gonna sink.

We of the less common disposition enjoy this more than most couples. We’re less sociable, and so we prefer to be in each other’s company, with no one else around.

“You are cordially invited to-” Nah, we’re good.

That said, when we really have to interact with people, we make sure we’re there together. This makes parties and family gatherings easier for me especially, because I actually have someone to talk to who won’t be busy talking to everyone else.


This probably isn’t exclusive to the tech-savvy couple, but we do enjoy it. Also, we prefer to do it as often as humanly possible.

There’s a difference here that most people tend to just brush over; the difference in genre. Personally, I hate sports. My girlfriend isn’t too fond of it either, so we enjoy playing other kinds of games together.

Tekken, Need For Speed, Final Fantasy, Mortal Kombat, Skyrim, you name it, we play it. Except FIFA. I don’t like FIFA. Feel free to boo me for having an opinion.

Dank memes

(Tested: “Lemme smash” is a surprisingly effective pick-up line.)

This is particularly important. To survive as a geek couple in modern society, dank memes are an absolute necessity.

If we can’t win them over with our personality, use the memes. If we’re bored, look at memes. If we’ve both had a long day and are in need of a good laugh, guess what? MEMES!

Nothing less than the absolute most dank will suffice. No normie memes and nothing about the Kardashians or any celebrities that aren’t Trump or John Cena.

Now you possess some insight, however small, into what it’s like for us geeks who are lucky enough to find a geek partner.

-Tyler Roodt

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