South Africans are still in a frenzy about the Grace Bible Church incident that occurred in Soweto, where a guest preacher allegedly discriminated against homosexuals during his Sunday sermon.

The Ghanaian bishop, Dag Heward-Mills’ homophobic comments were broadcast across various online platforms by outspoken celebrities following a rant by choreographer and South African Idols judge, Somizi Mhlongo.

In a series of video posts Somizi shares how he walked out of a church service after feeling discriminated against by the pastor’s sermon about homosexuality.

Somizi expressed how he will not sit and watch pastors shame gay people in a church, in his presence.

He shared this post to his followers, where he detailed why and how he walked out of a church service when a certain pastor began belittling homosexuals.

“I’m actually disappointed at all the gay men and women that sat there and listened to him offend us,” he said.

No opinion or advice needed. I’m just venting. @grace_bible_church

A video posted by Somizi (@somizi) on


A video posted by Somizi (@somizi) on

Somizi has seen been receiving messages and tweets in support of his decision to walk out of the sermon, author and radio personality, Eusebius McKaiser “Well done to @somizi for walking out of a church with a pastor preaching hatred. Homophobia is as despicable as racism. It is immoral. Qha.”

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During Bishop Dag Heward-Mills’s sermon, the bishop said animals have multiple partners, but one would never see creatures of the same sex partnering up.

“Dogs, cats, leopards, mention the animal. Which one has one partner? It is just like homosexuality you don’t have male and male.

“If you use that reasoning, you will find that homosexuality is not natural. You don’t find two male dogs, two male lions, two male impalas, two male cats, even lizards, two elephants,” said Heward-Mills. “It is unnatural.

The bishop has since been under fire for his comments, Cam Modisane tweeted “Bofebe happens in church! Old men impregnate young girls in the church but we are homosexuals are ALWAYS judged by Pastors”

While @DeeMoney_Diva, tweet, “If you don’t agree with what’s in the Bible, don’t go to church. Pastors are here to preach the word, not to be popular.”

Here is the sermon:

Grace Bible Church responded to the backlash and defended the sermon, saying, while it was ‘provocative’, it was not solely directed at gay people.

Speaking on Talk 702 this morning, Pastor Ezekiel Mathole said the gay community was welcome at the church, regardless of the differences the church may have with homosexual people.

“The same way that gay people don’t like certain things that Christians do, we respect their views, and we respect any other person’s views,” Mathole said.

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