JOHANNESBURG – Last Thusrday, the hashtag #DataMustFall grabbed the attention of South Africans and political parties who expressed their frustrations and calling on mobile service providers to reduce the high cost of data.

Since the issue, brought to the attention by Tbo Touch on Cliff Central, the EFF has come out in support of #DataMustFall, calling on the matter to be brought to Parliament.

Yesterday, Touch, who’s real name Thabo Molefe, addressed Parliament’s portfolio committee on telecommunications and postal services told MPs at Parliament, ”At some point in time we need to have a capped ceiling of how much a gig [gigabyte of data] will cost…,”

South Africans began sending messages under the #DataMustFall saying they are tired of being ripped off by mobile networks which led some celebrities entering the fray, uniting with the entire nation in bringing change.

On Twitter, Tbo touch also went on to highlight the benefits of lower data cost and how that will contribute positively to the education.

“#DataMustFall Let’s bring the price down. This will enable every student to access textbooks online for those who can’t afford it‚ stream lectures‚” Touch said.

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