Dr. Makhosi Busisiwe Khoza. An unofficial political legend.

By now, you may have heard of the ANC MP, Makhosi Khoza. She is easily the most badass member of the ANC, possibly of the entire country.

Here’s ten reasons why:

1. She’s got two degrees, and is studying for another.

Looks like she’s all work, no play. Khoza has a PhD in Administration, and a master’s degree in Social Science (Policy and Development Studies) from the University of Witwatersrand.

Even better, she’s studying towards yet another master’s degree in Finance at the University of London.

Seems a bit excessive to me, but you can’t blame her for wanting to expand her (already impressive) portfolio.

2. An impossible feat.

Khoza has done extensive research on indigenous languages.

The result of this research is a textbook dissecting the sophistication of our country’s languages, using Zulu as an example.

She even managed to find a way to show the consistency of the Zulu language using mathematics and science principles…


3. “Oh look, a death threat.”

People would normally respond to someone threatening their life by, you know, fearing for their lives. Earlier this year, Khoza received two separate text messages saying: “I will find you and kill you,” and “You have 21 days to live.”

Any other politician would’ve responded by doubling the security patrolling their home, or fleeing the country for a few months. Makhosi Khoza, however, said: “Rubbish. Go ahead.”

That’s gotta be the politician’s equivalent to walking away from an explosion in slo-mo. As someone who doesn’t care much for politics in this country, this actually has me looking out for what will happen next.

4. “Make the ballot secret,” – Khoza to Mbete

Makhosi Khoza is on record as being the one who wrote to Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete, suggesting that the vote of no confidence in president Jacob Zuma be handled a secret ballot “for safety reasons.”

That is basically hearing that the ship’s mates are planning a mutiny vote that the captain knows about, and openly admitting to being the one who suggested it.

That takes truckloads of nerves made of titanium alloy.

5. Fire me, I dare you.

Khoza is the most passive aggressive politician I’ve ever seen.

She openly voices her disappointment with the ANC in front of the entire Parliament. She has stated that she felt vulnerable and under threat, with no protection from the powers-that-be, expressly stating her dissatisfaction with the government.

Lots of people do this. However, these people aren’t MEMBERS OF THE ANC. “If the ANC is going to be firing me because I am saying we have to listen to the people that elected us, so be it. I am not going to resign. Let them fire me,” she said.


6. Dodging bullets like a boss.

This woman is one step away from becoming Neo.

She has faced disciplinary action after speaking out against her own political party; continued to speak out against the ANC despite the threat of disciplinary action; and received threats against her life.

What has happened to her after all these? Absolutely nothing. I’m calling dark magic.

7. Forgive me for being smart.

We already know she’s unafraid of termination, but she’s also really good at insulting people people in the most subtle ways.

She once stated that people in the ANC who are more educated are treated as outcasts: “Some of us have are being categorised as clever blacks because of our qualifications, so am I supposed to feel bad because of my PhD?” Roasted.

Well, as I always say; if you can’t say something nice, say something smart, yet devastating.

8. No. 1 means she’s much better qualified than the president.

I don’t understand how this works, honestly. She’s an MP in the governing political party of our country who’s much better qualified to lead the country, (or do anything, really), yet that’s all she is.

Not to mention she’s actively working to kick a leader who no one likes out of his seat. That alone deserves an award or something.

Why has no one promoted her yet?

9. Shutting the haters down.

Many politicians and members of parliament consider her conduct in meetings to be unruly.

More specifically, it was ANC chief whip, Jackson Mthembu who called her “ill-disciplined.” To which she responded: “Is extreme ill-discipline to be intolerant of bad leadership and to uphold the Constitution?”

How does a politician be so openly badass and not be, you know… dead?

10. No f***s given.

Normally, I’d have to read up on what’s happening in Russia to see an awesome politician. Now I just search for whatever Makhosi Khoza is up to.

I’m proud that our country has politicians who stand up to the ones engaging in potentially dubious activities. Someone fighting for the little guy, the ones who put the people in power, um, in power.

The living legend that is Makhosi Busisiwe Khoza, I think can be summed up in one word: “Ok.”


-Tyler Roodt

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