The ANC has claimed the first council where counting in all voting districts has been completed, winning the Northern Cape town of Kamiesberg with 62.52 percent of ballots cast.

The DA came in second, with 27.94 percent and the EFF third with 7.13 percent out of the almost 5 000 voters who cast their ballots.

This was a gain of almost 8 percentage points for the ANC, which got 54.31 percent in the 2011 local government elections, and a loss of almost 6 percentage points for the DA, which got 34.48 percent last time around.

The biggest loser was Cope, however, which plunged from 11.2 percent to 0.80 percent.

The EFF did not contest the 2011 elections.

With 12 percent of voting districts counted by 1.40am, the ANC had 51 percent of the vote nationally, the DA 34.64 percent and the EFF 5.42 percent.

– Political Bureau

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