As the daughter of one of the world’s most powerful men, you would think she had her choice of glamorous job opportunities.

But this summer Sasha Obama is seeing how the other half lives – taking a job manning the till at a seafood restaurant.
The 15-year-old has been doing four-hour shifts at Nancy’s seafood shack at Martha’s Vineyard, off Cape Cod, working at the takeaway window, busing tables and helping set up for lunch.

However, unlike most teenagers hoping to earn some extra money, she is accompanied each day by six secret service agents.

The restaurant is a favourite with the Obama family, who are said to be friends with owner Joe Moujabber. It is thought she will only be working until Saturday, when her parents arrive for their annual two-week holiday.

Sasha’s choice of summer job is at odds with those enjoyed by her older sister Malia. The 18-year-old has previously had placements with TV companies HBO and CBS.

– Daily Mail

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