The birth of a baby, symbolises the beginning of life, it stands for hope, wonder, dreams, and possibilities.

The birth of the 39 years old Trice Mazwai’s baby (Otlile) in 2009, three days before Christmas, albeit it being a time of celebration also brought upon tragic news.

Little Otlile was born with an incurable disease, the doctors estimated she would live for only two months. “My baby girl was born with Trisomy 13 (also known as Patua syndrome).

After consulting the doctors, they gave her two weeks to live.” said her mother, Trice Mazwai. Trisomy 13 is a chromosomal condition in which a baby has extra generic material which disrupts normal developments, and many infants die within the first few days or weeks.

Trisomy 13 occurs in up to 1 out of 5,000 newborns.

Of the babies who live to be born, about 44 % die within the first month and 69% die by six months. Only 18 % reach their first birthday’s.

When it comes to offspring, the maternal instinct of a female cheetah defies all limitations. The alarming news of Mazwai’s daughter’s condition catapulted into a frantic search for a cure to save her baby’s life.

Getting no answer from western medicine, she considered organic healing methods and practices, taking Otlile to numerologists, astrologers, body talkers, stress release practitioners, craneo-sacral therapists, and more.

Did you know? Trisomy 13 was first described in 1657, but four hundred fifty years of medical knowledge have not improved the outlook for children born with this syndrome.

As reported by the press reader, the couple decided to move from the energy and disturbing vibrations of the city and started practising an organic lifestyle and researched ways to eliminate toxins from the baby’s environment, her food and clothing.

Due to the organic lifestyle, Otlile’s life was prolonged. She managed to live beyond the doctors estimated time and died in July 2012.

“All these modalities made it easier for me to understand what was wrong with my daughter. That medical science could not explain and Otlile outlived western medicine’s predictions, surviving until she was two and a half years old. After all the research and knowledge, I gained, I realised I had to share it with those who might otherwise never have the opportunity to experience the benefits of organic healing methods and an organic lifestyle. And so, this is how the Organic Life Fair was born,” said Mazwai.

The organic living concept is foreign to many in South Africa, as a result the health benefits associated with the lifestyle are often overlooked.

Trice Mazwai, an organic lifestyle and a Metaphysical scientist based in Johannesburg took it upon herself to educate South Africans about the lifestyle.


Often, we do not realise that what you put on your body, in your body and in your environment, determines the quality of your overall health – from the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the sheets we use in our bedrooms, the domestic chemicals we use in our homes and many other elements.

So, we have a responsibility to ourselves to eliminate toxins as much as possible. The Organic Life Fair is housed under the Organic Health Events banner a company she started few years ago.


However, Trice Mazwai understands that when you are not even aware of what and which are toxins in your daily life, you might not even know where and how to start eliminating these toxins. She is dedicated to this cause wholeheartedly.

To the ordinary, happily lazy person, adopting the organic lifestyle might sound incredibly bothersome. However, Trice Mazwai aims to engage the community and allow them to experience what the lifestyle can offer.

It really is possible to live an organic lifestyle.

A way to detect Trisomy 13? A blood test, called the AFP (alphafetoprotein) or triple screen, may help a pregnant woman find out her baby’s risk of several diseases, including Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) and 13, though it can not give a definite answer.