They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, so beware when dating a woman who appreciates and utilises sarcastic retorts generously.

Also, know that you’ve got to have a thick skin and an affinity to withstanding this exclusive club of ‘humour’ Even though it falls under humour, do realise that if applied incorrectly and out of context, you could extensively hurt the recipient.

If they hold grudges, you might have a real life Quentin Tarantino scene on your hands… 

Women unfortunately, who are adept at applying sarcasm seamlessly into conversations, are categorized as being a rude b*tch to society’s uppity circles.

But inherently, these sarcastic women are truly able to view the world in all its clarity and with all its shit. And they’re simply content at calling out bullshit. 

Trying to deal with a sarcastic girlfriend daily takes some real *cajones (we know you know what it means).

So kudos to you.


1. Sarcastic girls love the verbal sparring. In fact, it’s a turn on. They are always on top of their game

2. There is never a WTF moment because they’re always willing to engage and produce an even better WTF within the conversation.

3. Dating a sarcastic girl means that conversation’s are always exciting. They respond with wit and their conversations are difficult to resist.

4. Because they’re smart as*es, you’re always left puzzling and on your toes. It keeps the romance alive. If you are dating a sarcastic girl, cheers to that homie because we know the struggle.

It takes guts to even muster a Hi to a sarcastic girl because when they open their mouths, there is almost 0% chance of you escaping unscathed.

Dating a sarcastic girl is a huge accomplishment, because the Alpha lines are always blurred. Sarcastic girl’s never settle for less, and if you’re the one she chose, then you better believe you’re the best.

They don’t give a [bleep] and are simply unapologetic for who they are and what they say. A sarcastic girl will bash you in public without shame and they will leave you standing there stupid for even thinking you could mess with her.

But it’s okay, like Sam Smith says “…You are not the only one”.

Just hang your head bro’ — because, she doesn’t really give a [bleep]…

Moral of the story?

meh. Just love her.

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