“Yeah, I said it, boy, get up inside it. I want you to homicide it. Going slow and I want you to pipe it…”
– Rihanna

Who doesn’t love a little Rihanna?

The perfect blend of sex, thug, beauty and brains, right? She’s never been one to shy away from a lil’ dirty talk, so let’s talk that talk openly and honestly.

Phrases such as “Beat it, murder it, pound it” during sex talk, reinforces the idea that sex happens to an individual and not necessarily with them.

In fact, even the romantic notion of courting has been reduced to a hunting analogy (think predator and prey). 

I often wonder when it all came to a point where we’ve likened sex to the pursuit of a meal – then it came to me – we always have. 
The nicknames and connotations given to sexual anatomy is problematic. For instance a penis is known as a ‘magic stick, snake, pipe’ synonymous to physical harm – and a vagina as a ‘cookie, cake, creampie’ known for being soft, delightful and unintimidating.

The ideal situation; is calling a spade a spade. We can counteract derogatory denotations tied to sex by respecting body parts and not aligning it to inanimate objects.

Sex is fun and beautiful, and requires active participation from all parties involved, and should be kicked off by open and honest conversation about expectations and limits.

P.s. Don’t be shy to use the correct terms for genitalia

Is your dirty talk politically correct?

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