We have all been wondering about the girl who stole the heart of our favourite South African hunk who is the face of Micasa – Mr. J’Something…

Most of us have already have caught it somewhere in the air, that J’Something’s treasure’s name is Coco.

However, we are sure that you didn’t know the full details about how they met.

Today we are here to clarify that, allow us to take you on a little journey about how the two love birds met:

I love buying her flowers 🌺 monthly ritual … for years!

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Coco loved J’something before the fame and glitz. J’Something in an interview with Gareth on Cliffcentral in 2015, jokingly stated that, “I had no car and I drove a Ballade”.

He further explained that he was introduced to Coco through some friends at a studio, then again at a party but it wasn’t love at first sight because they were both in serious relationships with other people at that point.

“At that point our paths could not meet, then later on life happened”, he said.

Rare find đź’Ž

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A number of news sites have said that J’Something took a while before revealing his beautiful bride to the public and now that the bride is finally out from hiding, J’Something uses every chance he gets to reveal his love for his ‘treasure’ as he refers to coco on his social media posts.

DOWNTOWN RAMEN 🍜 @davidchang thanks for the inspiration … I’m obsessed just by his series #MindofaChef [Delayed Post]

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Like his recent post on Instagram where he left most of his female fans melting while most men took notes (hopefully), as he declared his love to his wife.

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