Ever wondered what happens after death?

If all the time you spent at your selected religious outlet actually meant something? Does Karma actually matter or do we just disappear into nothingness? These are the thoughts that have probably struck you through the course of your life. Most of us find the search for the truth damnably scary because…heck…there’s different versions of truth out there.

Anyway, what we’ve deduced is that some people believe in life after death, this includes existing in a state that would enable them to do things that they wouldn’t be able to do on a normal day in a normal form.

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So tweeps had an ever-so-great time hashtagging to #if I was an ancestor.

They came up with all sorts of outrageous activities and pranks that they would finally be able to execute.

From ex-lover revenge tactics, to getting on level ground with enemies, to elaborate corruption plans.

They aired out a lot and did a pretty good job in subtweeting other people.

While some thought it was too much and that South Africans were taking it too far. The unimpressed party believe that the trend should not be embraced like the dead pose challenge last week, where participants posed as dead people to rise to the challenge. Using death as a joke is unbecoming and unethical, according to the opposing party.

Some didn’t succumb to the outcry to try and stop the trend because it is apparently “inviting death.” Instead, it looked like they enjoyed what fellow Africans were sharing.

Here are some of the things that people would do if their wish would be granted:

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