Sorry single ladies, J’something is in love with his dark chocolate “coco”.

If you thought that the three-in-one Portuguese hunk is single, “whoooo shame”! Wake up from that deep sleep and face reality, because he is taken.

By the way just to make it clear, by “coco” we mean his gorgeous wife Cordelia Coco Godi.

Valentine’s Day pampering has already made its way to “coco” with Mr. Something expressing his deepest sentiments regarding love and companionship.

On Sunday the musician decided to paint his Instagram wall with a love message to his one and only treasure.

“Who would’ve thought. Who would’ve thought that I would find someone so breathtaking. Someone so captivating. Someone so real and someone so true. Someone so supportive and someone so understanding. I never had any projections for my life in what type woman I wanted to end up with. But I’m glad that our paths collided. Im glad I have you. I promise to hold you in the palm of my hand and to shelter you and to guard you because you are my treasure. I will carry on trying to take over the world, cause with you in my corner I am unstoppable.”

Bare in mind that the same guy can cook, sing and is terribly romantic.

The perfect prince charming to most girl’s fairy tales…

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PICS: J’something love story

To the rarest of finds … my pot of gold … my treasure … Happy Birthday!

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? isn’t she lovely …

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“We got a good thing going on…” good morning… 🙂

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Double Date Night … @gemelli_restaurant double thumbs up 🙂

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Tell us, what’s your perfect love story?

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