Admit it, we have all been terribly broke at some stage in our lives and we were probably too embarrassed to say it aloud.

Instead we opted to ‘righteously’ lie under the pretext of maintaining a semblance of dignity. Long explanations as to why money did not last us until month end, is just entirely bothersome a conversation.

If you haven’t already gone out with your friends and clung to a single drink the entire night because you were too broke to buy another one…

So why not stay at home?

The answer is simple = FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

FOMO lasts the whole week (if not the entire year), so yeah, that one drink seems comparatively ok to ‘splurge’ on…

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Oh! Maybe you will relate to the Data struggle…

Ever heard people saying I have connection issues with my phone or any other technological device that requires data?

Well sometimes, data is depleted and the explanation to that is to quickly blame the connection.

Or, how about the time you went out with people and said you were full when you had to order because you did not have enough money to afford what was on the menu?

Before you feel depressed about your brokenness, take a look at what South Africans said about the most horrid lies that broke people tell.

From forgetting your wallet at home, taking a break from Instagram, Snap Chat, Facebook and all the apps that take data bundles. To ideas of calling ex-lovers to ask them to for all the forgotten refunds.

Our fellow brothers and sisters seem to understand the struggle very well.

Maybe you should grab a pen and a paper to jot down a few pointers to help you survive that last days of this dragging January:

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