Former University of the Witwatersrand
SRC leader Shaeera Kalla is being treated at hospital after she was shot by
police at the #FeesMarch earlier on today.

A member of the SRC Kaamil Alli, said Kalla “…was trying to engage with
the police before the police turned their guns towards her, shooting her at
least 9 times”.


Alli recounted the traumatic experience that left many of the despondent
students injured. Alli said, “…the police first threw stun grenades at us and as
Shaeera turned her back on them with her hands in the air, they rained rubber
bullets on us.”

Another student Busiswe Seabe is being treated in hospital after she inhaled
teargas at the #Feesmarch.

Alli said “We witnessed another student who dislocated her knee and students tried to help her but police kept shooting even though we were helpless.”




“ We are trying to keep the students calm but they are very angry about
the police shooting,” said Alli.

Alli said that currently students are participating in a peaceful march, while SRC bodies and
the student workers are trying to regroup and re-plan. 

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