CAPETOWN – A young woman, who asked not be identified, said she was with the 19-year-old and friends at a karaoke party on Saturday night. She says murder accused Cameron Wilson, 19, hit Lekita in front of them “until her nose bled”.

Lekita’s mutilated body was found on a field in Valhalla Park, on Sunday morning.

She had been stabbed several times in her throat and stomach. One of her nipples and part of her genitals had been cut off.

Some 17 hours after her death, a young man thought by some residents to be Lekita’s boyfriend, Xavier Bester, 20, was shot and killed just 20 metres from where her body was found. Families of the two said earlier in the week that they were not in a relationship.

Wilson was charged for Lekita’s murder after he was taken in for questioning on Monday. He was also charged with attempted murder in connection with another assault.

However, police would not reveal details of this matter on Wednesday.

Wilson appeared briefly in a packed Bishop Lavis Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

The State said Wilson faces a schedule six offence and said they would oppose bail.

The case was postponed to October 11 for a bail hearing.

The gallery was filled with mostly women who left the courtroom in a rage, swearing as Wilson was led back to the cells.

Outside court, scores of Valhalla Park residents held up posters with Lekita’s photograph on them.

Her friend believes Wilson killed Lekita “in a jealous rage”.

“We were at the karaoke and they were together,” the young woman said.

“Hy het haar neus aan die bloei geslaan (He gave her a bloody nose). He was jealous about something. At one point she told us not to go to the toilet alone, not just because of him (Wilson) but because of the other gangsters who were also there,” she added.

Meanwhile, Lekita’s bereaved parents Charl, 53, and Shireen Moore, 49, say they don’t know Wilson.

“This is the first time I see him,” her father said.

“He must stay where he is and not get bail. He must die in there. What he did to my child he’ll do to another child.

“Bring die tou in, hang hom! (Bring the noose, hang him!)”

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