All roads lead to Houghton Golf Club on 16 August 2017, where The Young Independents will announce and award South Africa’s top leaders of 2017. 

The winners of The Young Independents Top 100 Award will be recognised in these five categories below:

The disruptors: Recognising young people challenging the status quo or traditional thinking with their unconventional ideas and actions.

The healers: Young medical practitioners and educators, involved with environmental work such as recycling, and NGO workers.

The influencers: Recognising young people who are influencing the actions and behaviours of brands, policies and people, and this includes government leaders, trendsetters, social media gurus, and critics.

The innovators: Celebrates young people inventing new products, and business ideas or services that are changing the way we live, work and play; this includes young people driving business or technology, scientists, architects, and chefs.

The trailblazers: Recognises young people leading their field at a local, national, or even international levels. These include top sports stars, academics, scientists, and business leaders.

These inspiring young leaders who are and will be an integral part of instrumenting change in South Africa for many years to come, will be awarded with the highest honour as: 

TYI Trailblazer 2017, 
TYI Influencer 2017, 
TYI Disruptor 2017, 
TYI Healer 2017, 
TYI Innovator 2017.

A winner will be selected as the Top Leader in each category, with two runners up.

The exclusive award ceremony will see a gathering of prominent members of South Africa. Amongst these elite names, we also have on the guest list,  media houses that will be interesting in featuring TYI’s  top leaders – such as GauTV, Alex FM, Teardrop Media, Rosebank/Killarney Gazette, Alex Newspaper, Mix FM and many more.

We thank the  University of Johannesburg, Gauteng TV, South African National Parks, IDC, Department of Science and Technology and the President’s Awards who have made it very possible for Mzansi’s top leaders to be recognised for their sterling efforts.

Stay tuned.

The winners will be announced later today!

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