And in the left corner of the wrestling ring, Jacob Zuma whacking over 9 ministers and 6 deputy ministers.

Outside the ring watching this mess are South Africans taking in the situation with tears and tissues.


Every South African sits on the edge of their seats today to find out every bit of information about our president and his infamous decision to appoint nine new ministers and six deputy ministers.

This is one of the biggest cabinet culls since democracy.

This reshuffle created two days of drama.

Keeping up with parliament will get more hits then the original Kardashians.

Most of the media were reporting that things turned against the president since he was close to being asked to step down.

“At the moment Zuma can not be touched. He has thrown down the gauntlet to those who want him out: ‘Remove me I dare you’.

Before last night’s late announcement, some ANC were accused of working with the EFF and the DA in bid to remove Zuma.

Nobody is yet sure what emotions to link to this performance.

All we know is that relief, pride or satisfaction has not featured yet amongst our citizens. In fact, we’re f*c@ing bewildered.

The secret is out. This past week Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and his deputy, Mcebesi Jonas have been axed!

A source says that Zuma believes that just as he appointed Pravin, so can he relieve him of his duties.

“People must understand that Pravin Works for Zuma”.


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