Data analysis reveals that multiple orgasms have women screaming in bedrooms across the world, and an amazing 39.8% claim it happens every single time. 19.5% of women say they’ll experience multiple orgasms once a year, while a lucky 17.3% say it occurs every other time. 13.9% enjoy the pleasure phenomenon once a month, and 9.5% are doubling up on orgasms once a week.

It seems men have finally cracked the code of the female orgasm and women’s sex lives are improving on a global scale.

The survey, conducted by Victoria Milan – a dating website for people looking for extramarital affairs – polled 5971 of its active members from 15 countries to uncover the down and dirty details of multiple orgasms – who’s having them, who’s giving them and just how worth it they truly are.

While it’s no secret multiple orgasms are unbelievably high on the pleasure scale, statistics show that a small percentage of women would actually prefer to have one fantastically long orgasm (54.0%) than multiple orgasms.

So who is dishing out these multiple moan-and-groan inducers? 

  • 49.3% of ladies say their long term partner can bring on an orgasm shower
  • 42.3% claim it’s their illicit lover nailing it
  • 8.5% say it’s occurred on a one-night stand.

The data analysis shows that multiple orgasms are not a dealmaker though. Nearly two-thirds of lusty ladies polled say they wouldn’t stay in a relationship just because of the breathtaking orgasm marathon their man can induce.

Founder and CEO for Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said the revealing research showed that men have really stepped up their game when it comes to lovemaking.

“As the dating world opens up for married and attached people, they can share and showcase their years of bedroom experience with new partners. That’s why we’re seeing women experiencing earth-shattering multiple orgasms with both their partners, and their lovers,” Mr Vedal said.

A third of women say they will experience two orgasms in a row, 17.2% say they have a triple amount of pleasure. An amazingly fortunate 46.4% say they can have up more than 5 orgasms in a row.

This data was collected from active — and very sexually satisfied — Victoria Milan users from 15 countries: United States, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Spain, Norway, Poland, France, Holland, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom and South Africa.

Percentage of women having multiple orgasms:

  1. Spain 94.1%
  2. Belgium 90.9%
  3. United States 89.7%
  4. France 87.5%
  5. South Africa 85.0%
  6. Germany 83.3%
  7. Netherlands 81.8%
  8. Czech Republic 80.0%
  9. Ireland 78.3%
  10. United Kingdom 76.2%
  11. Finland 68.8%
  12. Norway 66.7%
  13. Sweden 61.8%
  14. Denmark 62.1%
  15. Poland 50.0%

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