Who would have thought that our very own e.tv daily soapie Rhythm City would make it to the Multi-billionaire and Microsoft founder Bill Gates list of 5 Reasons I’m Optimistic About Africa blog post.

Starting his list, Gates encouraged people to follow one of his favourite Instagram profiles named Everyday Africa which posts images captured by African photographers and narrates a beautiful, creative, and sometimes funny ways about African experiences. 

 “These Images Are Worth Way More than a Thousand Words” captioned Gates on his number on number one on his list and further on ellaborated that it shows what the vast, culturally diverse continent of Africa is like beyond the lazy stereotypes

For the first day of 2017 I wanted to share this magical 2016 moment with you again, It was mid day the sun was really strong and it was around 45 degrés Celsius with not a drop of wind, a typical hot very hot day where you feel very quickly you cannot breathe it is so hot. We saw this tree in our path back to the boat waiting and we immediately walked faster to go and get a break from the burning sun, as we were seating on the ground to rest and enjoy the shade, the kids who were following us since the nearby village also sat around the tree and started singing, it was just one of these gifts, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. Video by @guillaumebonn #omovalley #omoriver #ethiopia #travels #children #latergram #guillaumebonn #dispatchesfromatraveler

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He further confessed that he is not much of a photographer himself, however, a big admirer of people who can make one image tell a compelling story.

The big highlight for South Africa on Gates list was lucky number 5 as he named Rhythm City as his favourite soap opera under the heading My Favourite Soap Opera, Gates explains why he loves the soapie saying that “the show it really brings home how far South Africa has come since the end of apartheid”.

After the realisation of Gates blog post, e.tv tweeted in excitement saying, “we’re still freaking out! Bill Gates loves Rhythm City”.

Gates says: “When I was in South Africa last year for the International AIDS Conference, I caught a fascinating TV show one night. The show is called ‘Rhythm City’ and it’s the most popular soap opera in South Africa.

“The show, which has characters speaking in the four main languages of South Africa (Xhosa, Zulu, English, and Afrikaans), revolves around people trying to break into the music industry.

“Some of the storylines are a bit out there (it is a soap opera, after all), but when you see the show it really brings home how far South Africa has come since the end of apartheid.

“You take a step into the lives of everyday South Africans who are dealing with the relationship and business issues you’d see anywhere in the world. As the continent continues to develop and thrive, I predict we’ll see many other shows like this in other countries.”

Last year Gates delivered the keynote address at the 14th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture Series in Pretoria and spoke at the International HIV/Aids conference in Durban.

Last year the philanthropist pledged to donate another $5 billion (R72.8bn) to Africa in the next five years with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation reportedly having already invested more than $9 billion in Africa.

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