In an effort to equip South Africans with skills to cope in the post-pandemic job market, the country’s largest online tech educator has launched a new coding bootcamp.

HyperionDev is launching the six-month Certified Full Stack Web & Software Engineer Bootcamp which blends personal online mentorship with intensive on-site check-ins to give students a wide and comprehensive skill set. 

“This new course is designed to cover web development and software engineering, meaning that at the end of the period, students will be able to build websites, manage databases and create applications. Basically, they’ll have the confidence to fill the demands of a broad variety of tech positions,” says Riaz Moola from HyperionDev.

Online coding Bootcamp launched for the post-pandemic world. Picture: Pexels

“In the world post-Covid-19, we are likely to see job posts and career opportunities that differ from those offered previously. The onset of remote working, and the dramatic focus on digital and virtual offerings means that people skilled in supporting these areas will be in much greater demand.” 

The bootcamp, which is due to be accredited under the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), consists of well-paced and highly-structured modules that teach students in-demand tools and programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, Java and MySQL, PHP and the MERN stack. 

Online coding Bootcamp launched for the post-pandemic world. Picture: Pexels

“COVID-19 has been the clear conveyor of how new technology and transformative thinking are changing the world. Organisations are shifting business models to fit the technology status quo and it’s important for the labour force to keep up. As a critical element in the bootcamp we’ve partnered with some forward-thinking organisations to place our students in 3-month guaranteed internships to help them put their skills to use”, says Moola.

For more information, visit the HyperionDev website.