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“When our honourable and controversial President Jacob Zuma decides to reshuffle his cabinet, the only winners are those trading the Rand.

The Rand is crucial to all South Africans and when things go wrong, according to analysts and traders across the world, the Rand depreciates.

Our currency is like a mirror because it reflects the image of South Africa, as I suppose any other exchange rate should. Another topic for another day.

It is interesting that nobody ever asked our President, “Why did you remove Gordhan, Joemat-Pettersson and many others?”. We all just assume (like fake news) that it must be a “Gupta thing”. What cr*p.

Who makes the effort to call the President, to sit and discuss his vision for South Africa?

I did, recently.

Zuma is a strategist – and he did a lot right. Like the National Development Plan (NDP), BRICS, the Jobs Fund, to name a few – sadly, no ‘likes’ on social media for that. South Africa competes with the best of the best in the world.

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Is Nkandla really a problem?

Where do you want your President to stay? On a wine farm like F. W. de Klerk?

Or with the people he loves, in an environment where he grew up and dreamt of being president one day?

So how does Zuma’s cabinet reshuffling affect us, the people of South Africa?

“Oh my word” or “Whatever” are some of the responses I’ve recieved in our newsroom over the last day or two.

Whatever? That is great. Because it should not matter.

The wheels of the economy should keep on rolling. Investors should take note that South Africa is a great place to be. And we, as South Africans, should believe that South Africa can work.

Opposition parties have a ball – what else can they do to draw attention? Have you ever heard of any opposition party pitching a better plan for South Africa? A plan to create jobs, a plan to open up new markets, a plan to allow people previously not allowed to open a business within several kilometers from a white company, to open a bank account, to own a house, or even to use the same facilities like toilets and restaurants?

We are led by “others” to craft our perceptions of the country where all we want is to see our grand children growing up. Like multi-billion dollar rating agencies, “rating” us (or down grading us to “junk”), for their own benefit. Our children emigrate to far away destinations because they lose hope.

Some return, some don’t.

It is time for South Africans to take back our country.

To be proud citizens, to fight for our rights. Let us rather talk about how you and I can make South Africa work, and not about the reshuffling of cabinet.”

Recap on the Cabinet Reshuffle:

President Jacob Zuma on Tuesday announced changes to his Cabinet via email.

In the statement from the presidency, Zuma announced that Hlengiwe Mkhize would replace Blade Nzimande, the South African Communist Party secretary general, as Higher Education and Training Minister. This ministry also has a new deputy minister- Buti Manamela.

The Home Affairs portfolio, which was held by Mkhize, would now be filled by Ayanda Dlodlo. Dlodlo’s post as Communications Minister would be filled by Mmamaloko Kubayi (former energy minister).

The new Energy Minister is David Mahlobo, who’s previous post as State Security Minister would be filled by MP Bongani Bongo.

“I thank the former members of the National Executive for good service in their previous portfolios. I wish the members who are assuming new portfolios all the best in their new responsibilities,” Zuma’s statement said.

Adri Senekal de Wet is the Executive Editor of Independent Media and the Editor of Business Report & Personal Finance

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