To understand Karma, you have to understand this quote: “Destiny can sometimes be history coming back to bite you in the a@*” – Hal Duncan (Scottish Science fiction & Fantasy writer)

The suspect behind the OR Tambo International Airport cash heist has been arrested after posting narcissistic pictures of himself with a spanking new Lamborghini worth R5-million on social media.

On Sunday, the suspect posted a picture of himself and friends alongside his new wheels which was parked in his luxury Blue Valley Estate home in Centurion near Pretoria.

A few hours after he posted the picture to his social media account, this criminal had to face the music.

The repercussions to his obnoxious posting can only be used as a lesson.

This can only be described as the stupidest mistake ever made by a South African criminal.

A gang of 13 men made off with an estimated R200-million in foreign currency, which was flown out of the country. A week later after the incident, police arrested four people allegedly linked to the heist, amongst the people arrested was a policeman.

Shortly after the arrest, according to a Times Live report the second arrest was of a 39-year old G4S security guard who was responsible for escorting the Guardforce employees in charge of the money.

Police are still investigating the case and are yet to confirm if some of the money has been recovered.

Black Twitter is really hurt by this guy and his foolishness…

Weirdly enough, they’re more annoyed that he f*cked up and was caught over something as trivial as a selfie, than they are of the law being swift.

See #ORTamboheist tweets below:

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-Jane Folodi

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