If you are having a blue Monday or think you have just made the worst mistake over the weekend, think again. This soccer player might make you feel better.

Free State Stars striker, Mohammed Anas made an unforgettable blunder in his post-match interview that has been labeled the best man-of-the-match speech in the history of soccer.

(Maybe that’s taking it a bit too far.)

After Anas scored two goals for his team in the 2-2 draw against Ajax Cape Town earning his title as the-man-of-the-match, he started his hilarious post-match interview by thanking God for his best performance.

No one expected the bomb that he was about to drop, so everyone was glued to their screens appreciating a good soccer match and interviews.

Like any other player, he was grateful for his award and he thanked his fans. “Thank you very much for giving this (award) to me and I appreciate my fans also,” he said. And then things took a very quick and interesting turn when he, in the same sentence accidentally thanked his “wife and girlfriend”.

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Anas stumbled for a second or two before realising his big blunder that he quickly clarified that he intended on thanking his wife. “I’m so sorry, my wife!” he said.

Moving on swiftly, he added, “I love you so much from my heart,” and officially thanking her, “thanks for supporting me there is more to come,” he stuttered before his interview came to an end.


A few minutes later Twitter was a buzz with tweets and hilarious comments on the video, while some quickly came to his defence.

Here are how Tweeps reacted to the interview:

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