With innovative ideas that supersede his years by far, 23-year-old Bhekumusa Zikhali’s journey is surely going to be a fruitful one.

He is the founder of NobleMorgans (Pty) Ltd, a South African start-up company that develops technology-based solutions to address Africa’s challenges. The company is currently developing a system to track and monitor crime and the use of firearms in South Africa. 

In addition to the crime-detecting technology project, Zikhali is working on a hydro system, called the Named Inner City Hydro Power system. The project is in its research and development phase and will use the city’s sewer systems for hydropower generation.

Inforgraphic by TYI

The water will be treated and used for vegetation and other outdoor necessities to reduce the amount of drinkable, clean water being utilised for non-consumption purposes. Working together with his team, in 2017 they presented their concepts at the Sixth CSIR Conference.

In the same year, they attended the South African Science Forum where they met and presented their work to the then Minister of Science and Technology, Naledi Pandor. 

Having observed a number of challenges facing the continent, his inquiring mind and innovative nature drove him to look at solutions to address them. His view is that while Africa appears to be the least developed continent, it still has the greatest potential.

With this, he has taken on the challenge to come up with innovative solutions to unlocking new possibilities and contributing toward solving the problems. “I seek to learn and serve to the best interest of our future,” he says.