Bubele Booi is the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) first ever BMus Music Technology graduate.

Preferring the relative anonymity of the studio, Bubelo Booi is nonetheless launching a career that may take him to the very top of the music world. A seasoned music producer – he’s been in the studio for more than a decade – Booi lives what he studies.

Based on the BBC Live Lounge idea, the UCT Live Room is a space for young artists to record in a professional setting and have their tunes broadcast online. Booi and fellow students from across campus pooled their skills and resources, and UCT’s own production studio was born.

Booi insists that the project wouldn’t exist if not for Nomxolisi Masango, who he considers to be “an excellent director in her own right”. Masango’s great feel for locations and keen eye for making things visually beautiful – with almost no equipment at her disposal – have had a huge influence on the success of the project.

There were loads of people “who have massive amounts of talent but don’t seem to want to put themselves on any platform, or don’t have the expertise to do so,” he laments.

Booi hopes that the studio will live on after he and his founding colleagues graduate, and on the evidence thus far, there’s no reason it shouldn’t.

– Sourced from University of Cape Town Newsroom