At the age of 22, high-school drop-out Taylor Gibb nailed a top position as a Microsoft regional director in South Africa. 

After leaving school two weeks into Grade 9, Gibb knew being involved in computers was something he wanted. 

The award-winning software developer is now recognised as the youngest Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in the world. 

The twenty-five-year-old wears many hats, but these days he works at one of the world’s largest software and gaming development companies, Derivco. He works in the Research and Development department playing with VR, AR and Mixed Reality. 

Taylor has built products for Fortune 500 companies but also has extensive experience working with startups through his own venture, Developer Hut. His desire is to position Developer Hut as a leading provider in the blockchain space. 

The trailblazer has been granted opportunities to travel to the headquarters of major companies including Microsoft and Google. 

Gibb’s vision for the next five years is to drive the adoption of blockchain to root out corruption in the SADC region and to continue exploring ways to decentralise and establish sovereign identity solutions.

“I will continue to push for decentralised and sovereign identity solutions,” he said. Gibb encourages aspiring youth to follow their dreams and to be in a position where they are happy. “If you get up every morning and think ‘Argh, I have to go to work’ there is something wrong,” he said.