Radio and TV personality Cato Louw is a massive sports fan – highly active both on and off the field. The 26-year-old is a sports anchor at EWN Sport & Supersport TV.

The keen runner and gym enthusiast is one of Supersport’s rugby anchors and travels across the country for Varsity Cup, Currie Cup and the Supersport Rugby Challenge tournaments.

Louw plans to expand her sporting network and is committed to staying involved in all aspects of the industry, her motto being “Do it with passion or not at all”.

Infographic by TYI

The “Sport Ninja” resists becoming too comfortable or complacent, insisting that working as a younger person in a well-established industry had given her the ability to spearhead new projects and explore different methods of reaching out to audiences. “More than in any other industry, you are your own product,” she said. 

The Ramble Bag and FALKE ambassador admitted that in the broadcasting world, one had to have a very strong, integrated sense of self or risk becoming swamped by the demands and perceptions of the public or the producer. 

Louw would like to see the SADC region be a vibrant host to an increased number of sports codes, irrespective of gender or level. “Sport is really for all, regardless of amateur or professional,” she said encouragingly.