Entrepreneur Nkululeko Mhlaba is the CEO of Pan African Minerals (PAM) whose first business was in the information technology, communications, marketing and tourism sectors. 

PAM is a mining, engineering, consulting and mining equipment supplying company that places great importance on teamwork, respect and trust between the workers and clients. 

“We believe that in a successful business, people communicate well and deliver the best of their ability and everyone has a desire to succeed,” Mhlaba wrote on the the PAM website.  

The company currently operates in 10 different African countries namely South Africa, Botswana, Angola, Liberia, Sierra Leon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. The primary mining operations are contracted to local mining companies so that they can focus on being prime leaders in exploration.

Inforgraphic by TYI

Apart from Mhlaba being recognised as one of the top elite 60 Young Entrepreneurs in the SAB Kickstart Competition which celebrates entrepreneurs, he has also served on various boards as a non-executive director. The strategist of note has impeccable leadership qualities and has been a speaker at various international mining conferences.

He believes great leaders are those who have mastered the art of leading themselves. 

Mhlaba eludes to a personal mastery that speaks to purpose, vision, belief, commitment and knowing oneself as being the key to success. “Don’t limit yourself in terms of opportunities. Africa is waiting for its young people to realise that there are many opportunities,” he said.