Here are some of the most weird, most random and stupidest ways to die.

Check out these freaky stories below:

1. The Ski Resort Sledge Thief

In 2008 46-year-old David Monk was on holiday in Sauze D’Oulx, Italy, with a group of friends. After having a few beers one evening, the lads decided to steal a protective mat that covered the metal barriers at the bottom of the slope and use it as a sledge. They hiked up the hill, hurled themselves down it, and promptly slammed straight into the very same barrier they’d stolen the protective matting from. David died on the spot, according to

2. The Luckless Sledneck


According to, Walter, a 43-year-old Fairbanks man was “highmarking” on his snowmobile. This involves driving as far as you can up a pristine slope before the sled gets stuck, and then bombing back down again. Troopers had warned that conditions meant avalanches were likely. Earlier on, Walter had in fact triggered an avalanche and been buried up to his waist. You would have thought that he would have stopped by then. But Walter kept right on revving up and down the hillside until he triggered a second, bigger avalanche which swept down and killed him.

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3. A life in vain


One night Vichai Thong went to feed the family peacocks and the peacock clawed him on the side of his head. After suffering from severe headaches he went into a coma and doctors came back with results that he had a blood clot due to the scratch and passed away the next day.

4. Titanic ‘wanne be’


Instead of dancing the night away, Emma Black tried to drink the night away. While they were on a cruise from Spain to England she attempted the famous Titanic pose and fell to her death.

5. Death by beard


The man with the longest beard obviously is well known for, well… his magnificent beard. But little did we know that he is also famous for dying because of his beard. There was a fire in Hans Town and in the rush he forgot to roll up his beard. In his attempt to escape he stepped on his beard, tripped and fell, and broke his neck.

– Richelle Neethling

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