“I don’t think you ever get used to the size of the waves. You just learn to push through the fear – that’s one of the thrills of surfing,” says Michael February.

At 23, the Cape Town-based surfer has reached career heights normally associated with seasoned veterans. In 2014, he battled it out with some of the country’s best surfers to win Quicksilver’s ‘Takes One to Know One’ event. 

He was also the runner-up in last year’s inaugural Martinique Surf Pro event in France.

Following his recent achievement of being TYI’s Mzansi’s Top 100 young disruptors, February was ranked as the top surfer in South Africa.

So how does it feel to be the country’s best surfer at 23?, we asked February..

“Pretty good,” he laughs. “he’s a bit of graphic design, photography, ambassador of Waves For Change and a lover. Last year he pulled together some of South Africa’s best surf photographers and released a coffee-table book called For the Love.

“All the proceeds went to a local charity called Waves for Change. It was my way of giving back,” he says.

The book tells a story of t’ve been surfing since I was about eight years old and I’ve always just wanted to do my best. That’s been a real highlight so far. When February isn’t riding the crest of waves, he dohe oceans, and of the photographers looking to capture extraordinary images that truly define the mystery of the underwaters.

Michael, the lover:
As the old saying goes,
“behind every successful man there is a strong woman”. February’s pillar of strength is the gorgeous Boss model girlfriend, Zelti Brynard.

The two love birds have been together for 4 years now, although it is challenging to maintain their relationship due the regular surfing trips around the world. The couple’s love for each other surfs through all the difficulties, and he never stops making a plan to fit her in his life.

Valentine’s Day is a great example, because even though he’s out of town on that special day, he will go out of his way to pamper the queen of his heart, a few days before.

February said that, Zelti is the first person that he sees every time he gets back home and the last person he sees when he leaves. 

He furthered added that, “after 3 years of getting dropped off and picked up at the airport by this girl , I finally got to pick her up at LAX and having the best time cruising in Cali with her”.  
They’re always supporting each other’s achievements and are always there for each other

Michael the ambassador:

Waves for change is an extraordinary project that is Surf Therapy for Violent Communities which was inspired by the findings that many young South Africans suffered from acute emotional / psychological stress,arising from continued exposure to violence and poverty, which caused behavioral or learning difficulties that lead to young people being socially excluded. Shinning star Michael has been working very hard to help make the project a success. 

Michael, one of South Africa’s best surfer:

Michael surged ahead in the first heat of the day with an excellent 8.17 to take the win at Guincho with Round One Win, early 2016 in Portugal.

Michael, TYI’s young Top 100:

In 2015, Michael was voted Mzansi’s disruptor from an initiative launched by Independent Media to identify ‘Top 100 Inspiring and Aspiring Young South Africans’.

At the beach, life is different. 

Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. You never ever get used to the size of the waves. You just learn to push through the fear – that’s one of the thrills of surfing, says Michael February.

We look forward to seeing more of Michael February in the near future.