Those of us who watched this week’s episode of The Ranaka’s might have witnessed the Ranaka sisters dealing with something we have been through more than enough times in our lives – uninvited guests.

The Ranaka siblings organised a ‘siblings’ getaway, which Mzi (the brother) rocked up to with his girlfriend Michelle.

This led to a lot of tension in the air.

However, neither Mzi or his girlfriend seemed to understand the concept of a ‘siblings’ getaway.

Here is what twitter thought about the situation:

Nonetheless, here are a few tips that will help you deal with all the Michelle’s in your life:

1. Let the person know why they are not invited.

For example, if they were Michelle and you were Dineo, you would say “I’m sorry but it’s a siblings getaway. A time for us spend some valuable family time together, we have no problem with you joining us at other events”.

2. Tell whoever is invited not to bring their plus one’s, and be firm about this one!

3. Cancel the event

Obviously this is the last option, you can make an excuse as to why the event was cancelled. Perhaps you’re feeling ‘ill’?

Then invite people to a new party/event on a different date.

Good luck…

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