At 20-years-old, Bwalya Nkumubula has already made a web series and created a website called Zed Arts that helps underground Zambian artists get their music to the world. She won the Anakazi Women of the Year Award for Digital Media. 

Zed Arts began in August 2017 as a platform that aided and showcased Zambian talent that was not recognized. Zed Arts Portles aim is to expose the music and artwork done by young Zambians creatives throughout the rest of Africa. 

The record label already manages popular musicians such as Natasha Chansa, Bez Zela, Nike and producer J Hun to name a few. The label manages ensure that the music is distributed online and on social media. They have also developed an App and started a children project that gives back to underprivileged children as well as teaches them art and music. 

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Since its inception Zed Arts has made a positive impact on the local music scene and younger artists are appreciating it. 

In the next five years, Bwalya would like to see Zed Arts providing a platform for artists that helps them connect with international artists. It must be able to grow Zambian industry and help artists earn what they deserve. Also establish a music school that teaches music and music business. The record label must ensure that Zambian artists are on par with other artists beyond their borders. 

The artists must be able to get distribution deals with reputable labels such Sony and UMG. She also envisions closing the gap between Zambian music industry and the international music industry

She is of the view that young people are the largest population  in society and they easily influence each other. Young people have the capability and the necessary skills to address Africa challenges because their influence is wide and can reach all corners of the earth. 

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We did it guys! We launched it! All of this wouldn’t be possible without each one of you that has liked shared, used the website, asked people to use it as well and those that just full on support.. my team and I are forever grateful. A huge shout out to my team , my business partner @natasha_chansa despite the distance we have faced, you and I still manage to make all of this happen.. thank you for being the rock I desperately need, I love you so much @onechuba the man behind the creation of the app, the sleepless nights, my never ending demands concerning the app and music.. thank you for being patient and making sure we perfect everything. To @angelachilufya lord knows you’re an Angel. Everything you do, the approvals and disapproval of the work you do.. the believing in me even when i can hardly believe in myself, i love you! The label @jhun_thefakezm @bekzela @nickakano @natasha_chansa @chaseiyan Thank you so much guys for allowing us to take care of your careers. 2019 is our year to take over and they are not ready!!🔥🔥🔥 this is is just the beginning. #ZedArts #thezedartsapp #zedartsrecords

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The youth have so much power within them and once they begin to create and follow their dreams and strive to achieve what they want to be, they will be unstoppable. The youth will create a path for future generations to live even better than those before them. 

Looking ahead, Bwayla would like to see more unity within the SADC region. And she hopes to play her part in connecting industries so people can practice unity. 

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