Danile Tshazibane wears many hats, he is a Studio Television Technician, motivational speaker, television editor, rapper, graphic designer, illustrator, camera operator, producer, videographer, soccer player, barber, fashionista and a director (now try to catch your breath).

From the dusty streets of Douglas, Northern Cape, Danile rose victorious to help and inspire others to live on their terms. He developed the Danile Tshazibane PodCast Experience and the Dream Culture Show With Danile Tshazibane. Both the Podcast and the Show are aimed at motivating others to follow their dreams. He also inspires the youth by sharing his personal journey and challenges.  

Danile bounced back from failing and repeating Grade 7 to passing matric and graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree for Motion Picture Medium from African Film Drama Art, the number one film, TV and performance school on the continent.  

Coming from a really poor household, Danile often went to bed without eating and had to walk for two hours every day to school. He also worked as a waiter to raise money to pay for his tuition. 

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The situation at home deteriorated, and he had to go and stay with his aunt. Things unfortunately did not change and he found himself having to sleep around the school until a guard found him and offered him shelter at his home until he finished studying.

Surviving a drowning incident at the age of 13, Danile learnt to choose friends carefully and not to succumb to peer pressure. Although he knew he could not swim, his friends convinced him to jump into the river. The experience motivates him to speak to young people about developing a strong mind, resilience and the challenges of succumbing to peer pressure. 

Danile has produced over 200 songs with a total 17 000 streams on his Podcast. The Danile Tshazibane’s Podcast Experience shares life tips, lessons, advice, steps. It also explores new ways of looking at life. 

Through “The Dream Culture Show”, Danile has released over 400 videos on YouTube. He invites young people to message him and ask him questions about the situations they are faced with. 

Danile has been featured on shows such as Bush Radio 89.5 FM, Hectic Nine9, SABC1- Mzansi Fo Sho, SABC2youbelong, SABC 3, MTV Base South Top 23 VJ Search, and has performed two of his hit singles “Education” and “Mayweather” on Cape Town TV Channel 263 DSTV.

He is also the editor of the Student Award Winning Telenovela House of Gomorrah. The Telenovela was nominated in 11 categories and won 8.

Danile is the process of writing his autobiography titled The Secret to Survive in University. The book will focus on mental toughness, discipline and making wise decisions to deal with temptations, peer pressure and financial challenges.

Danile believes that young people have the potential to positively change Africa. They are, however, dealing with a lot of mental trauma and stress. 

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It is therefore important to equip and empower them to be mentally resilient and to build their identity and self-esteem. He encourages young people to always “Do You”, to pursue their dreams and not be concerned about people’s opinions.