Lawrence Mwamba’s passion to inspire and empower the younger generation inspired him to enter the Young Independents 100 competition.

Lawrence owns LM Gospel Music Promoters, an online media house that promotes gospel music across the globe. He also owns a company called Kelwa Media, a media company that shoots music videos and films; and is among the few young people who own production houses of this nature in Zambia. 

He started LM Gospel Music Promoters in 2015 with the sole purpose of promoting gospel musicians from within and outside Zambia. The company promotes gospel music world-wide on all social media platforms. Gospel musicians submit their promo songs at a fee for promotion. 

After receiving payment, the company creates download links on their music website,, then shares the music on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and their Facebook page, for people to download. 

They initially faced quite a lot of challenges, such as their website being attacked by hackers and viruses. They resolved the problem by involving web developers and purchasing online antivirus programs for their website, which was expensive.

In 2017, he started Kelwa Media and under the company has produced various music videos, movies, short films and television adverts. His first music video shoot was Twalamba (We thank you) by Emmanuel Gw, a Zambian gospel musician, who has since gone to gain prominence in the country. 

They have filmed different music videos for various gospel artists, including shooting films such as Tooth Brush and The Stolen Goat. The company is planning on releasing another movie The Naked Truth.

He says that his journey has not been without challenges. Setting up was a challenge, as buying equipment for the professional work was difficult, as the equipment was very expensive, but he persevered and saved up for it and was able to eventually buy everything that he required to start on his professional work. 

His passion for music and the visual arts fuelled his desire to succeed, and he continues to work hard towards achieving the vision that he has for his companies. 

Lawrence’s vision for LM Gospel Music Promoters is to grow the brand to be a leading global gospel music promotion company; and he wants to grow Kelwa Media to become the preferred professional music videos and films provider in Zambia. 

Looking ahead, he says his desire is to see more inter-country seminars for young people on how they can bring about positive change in their region and on the entire African continent on issues of great significance, such as business, talents, skills and wealth creation.